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ASU ScaleU Announces Partnership with PowerNotes

Tempe, Ariz. (May 13, 2020) – ASU ScaleU, a leading global higher education technology accelerator at Arizona State University, has invested in PowerNotes, an innovative academic platform for online research and writing with a timesaving productivity tool that allows users to efficiently gather, organize, and track digital research and class content.

PowerNotes represents the 20th company that ASU ScaleU, a venture of ASU Enterprise Partners, has added into its program. ASU ScaleU assists the most promising early stage ed tech startups by developing opportunities to pilot these ventures on a large, public research university platform, as well as providing other services to support company growth.

ASU ScaleU specifically helps ed tech startups navigate the university ecosystem for pilot approvals and onboarding. Companies gather valuable market insights from ASU administrators, faculty, and students across a variety of disciplines.

PowerNotes helps students and faculty overcome remote research challenges such as screen reading, information management, plagiarism, and patchwriting. Recently, PowerNotes released features to help faculty provide earlier and more detailed feedback throughout the research and writing process in both inclass and remote settings, which could be instrumental for institutions transitioning to the new postCOVID educational landscape.

As part of the ScaleU partnership, PowerNotes is making its premium tools available to all ASU faculty, staff and students.

PowerNotes is based in Chicago and was founded by Wilson Tsu. He created PowerNotes because of his frustration with digital research and writing as a graduate student at Northwestern University, and saw the need for a simple user interface to save, annotate, and track content without having to copy and paste research into a separate document.

“Our goal is to help students and faculty improve the quality of writing with tools that provide an efficient and continuous workflow through the research process, while also keeping students connected to their educators,” Tsu said. “We hope that our tools can fill the holes in remote learning by helping students develop critical thinking skills through online reading and writing outside of the classroom while also giving instructors visibility into student work in those remote settings.”

PowerNotes is currently in use at over 80 colleges and universities including Stanford, New York University, University of Tennessee, and University of Pennsylvania.

“ASU ScaleU is thrilled to be partnering with an innovative company that is committed to serving all learners and helping support the needs of both students and educators,” said Bennett Dwosh, director of strategy and venture acceleration of ASU Enterprise Partners.

“With so many powerful digital technology options, students need tools such as PowerNotes more than ever to improve their learning,” Dwosh said.

About ASU ScaleU

ASU ScaleU, a venture of ASU Enterprise Partners, is a leading higher education technology accelerator that invests in and supports promising, earlystage ed tech companies. Embedded at the nation’s largest public research university, ranked No. 1 in innovation by U.S. News & World Report, ASU ScaleU allows early stage ed tech startups to test their technology within a university ecosystem. ASU ScaleU works with innovative ed tech companies that focus on social impact at the university level and beyond. To learn more visit https://scaleu.asu.edu/.