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ASU ScaleU Announces Investment in Five Ed Tech Companies

Tempe, Ariz. (Dec. 18, 2019) – ASU ScaleU, a leading global higher education technology accelerator at Arizona State University, has recently invested in five startup companies that focus on supporting the New American University’s charter for inclusivity and excellence.

ASU ScaleU, a venture of ASU Enterprise Partners, assists the most promising early stage ed tech startups by developing opportunities to pilot these ventures on a large, public research university platform, as well as investment capital and other services to support company growth. Companies selected for the program aim to drive social impact at the university level and beyond with a focus on future of work, student success, and university transformation.

ASU ScaleU helps ed tech startups successfully navigate the university ecosystem for pilot approvals and onboarding. Companies gather valuable market insights from ASU administrators, faculty and students across a variety of disciplines.

The new additions to the portfolio bring a diverse mix of opportunity and innovation to ASU ScaleU.

AstrumU: Its platform enables students to discover the best fitting career path through machine learning and predictive analytics. AstrumU uses artificial intelligence to translate data from students to help them streamline the career selection process.

InsideSherpa: The company creates virtual simulated microinternships with corporations. InsideSherpa provides all students a series of resources and tasks designed to simulate the realworld experience of starting a career, enabling work experience with the world’s top firms.

Riipen: This projectbased learning platform connects students and faculty with companies to enable projectbased education and experiential learning across all disciplines of study.

EXIQ: The platform uses artificial intelligence to empower learning and converts any written document or audio file into an interactive materials. Users can interact with their notes in a variety of digital modalities.

DeepBench: This marketplace connects university faculty as expert advisors to corporate partners on demand to answer industry questions and leverage their university knowledge.

“ASU ScaleU is thrilled to support companies that serve such important and emerging needs for the university and higher education,” said Bennett Dwosh, director of strategy and venture acceleration of ASU Enterprise Partners. “All of the companies represent opportunities to make a social impact and are led by strong leaders who believe in the power of their technology to support university outcomes.”

About ASU ScaleU

ASU ScaleU, a venture of ASU Enterprise Partners, is a leading higher education technology accelerator that invests in and supports promising, earlystage ed tech companies. Embedded at the nation’s largest public research university, ranked No. 1 in innovation by U.S. News & World Report, ASU ScaleU allows early stage ed tech startups to test their technology within a university ecosystem. ASU ScaleU works with innovative ed tech companies that focus on social impact at the university level and beyond. To learn more visit https://scaleu.asu.edu/